Verbal Subscribers of Matin Al- Shatibya: Collection and Study

المشتركات اللفظية في متن الشاطبية: جمع ودراسة


  • Othman Rashid Majeed

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This research includes studying the common terms of the book (Hirz Al_Amany wawajih Al_Tahany) for Al- Shatibya. He used terms was repeated in the chapters of his book, every term gives different meaning in it's cheaper and explains these meanings, I followed all words in his book, so I have explained this for everyone needed to study this book from its sources then directed each word to its chapter, I divided it into two research, the first includes Al- Shatiby biography and an explanatory definition of his book, in the second I put the places of this terms and its meanings, explanations and places accommodating which came in the book the directing of it, then I concluded the research, in brief, included the most important results I reach to it.

Among the most important results:

- Scientific abundance in various sciences of Matin Al- Shatibya.

- Repeating the word in different chapters and with multiple uses confuse the student if he is ignorant.

- The number of joint words reached seven, resulting in nineteen uses.

- Al- Shatibya needs more studies and research, despite its many explanations and oppositions.

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Othman Rashid Majeed


Islamic Educational Department || Dewan Al- Waqf Al- Sonny || Baghdad || Iraq




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Othman Rashid Majeed. (2020). Verbal Subscribers of Matin Al- Shatibya: Collection and Study: المشتركات اللفظية في متن الشاطبية: جمع ودراسة. المجلة العربية للعلوم و نشر الأبحاث, 6(3), 68–51.