AlMalaqi grammatical opinions in Mughni Al-Labib's Book: A linguistic descriptive study

آراء المالَقِيّ النّحويّة في كتاب مغني اللّبيب: دراسة لُغويّة وصفيّة


  • Ahyaf Abdel Azeze Burini

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حرف الجواب (أجل)
من معاني (أمّا)
لام الابتداء


This paper is concerned with studying Al-Maliqi’s grammatical opinions, which mentioned in Mughni al-Labib by Ibn Hisham Al-Ansari, as it deals with the study six grammatical opinions mentioned by Ibn Hisham explicitly to al-Mulqi, these opinions came in a sequence according to the way they were presented in the book, and they were discussed by showing the opinion of Al-Maliqi, then Ibn Hisham, and the researcher's opinion. The study concluded that Ibn Hisham was not an imitation of one of the grammatical doctrines. Based on grammatical principles; Especially the origin of hearing, Ibn Hisham took frequent Quranic readings, and considered the noble prophetic hadith, and poetry in the ages of his protest, and he was not imitating a particular school, but rather brought together these schools, and came out with some opinions about it. Based on the results, a number of recommendations and proposals were presented.

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Ahyaf Abdel Azeze Burini


Arabic And Emirati Studies || General Studies || Higher College of Technology || UAE




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Ahyaf Abdel Azeze Burini. (2020). AlMalaqi grammatical opinions in Mughni Al-Labib’s Book: A linguistic descriptive study: آراء المالَقِيّ النّحويّة في كتاب مغني اللّبيب: دراسة لُغويّة وصفيّة. المجلة العربية للعلوم و نشر الأبحاث, 6(2), 47–33.